Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Manchester City are going to crack says United player

Chris Smalling Manchester United central defender has said that after United win away to Arsenal, Man City will start to wobble.

The United player thinks that Roberto Mancini’s side will not be able to handle being the front runners, and with United in top form they are definitely going to feel the Red Devils breathing down their neck.

City will now also be without Mario Balotelli after he was given a four match ban for Violent conduct.

During the match against Spurs Balotelli was seen by millions of fans to stomp on Scott Parkers head.

The ref however did not see it, and Balotelli was allowed to stay on, and ironically scored the winning goal for city.

“We saw some of the City game coming to the game, and you’re obviously going to know about the result beforehand,” said Smalling.

“We knew that they scored in the dying minutes but we can’t keep relying on them to drop points and we needed to make sure that we did our job.

“Soon enough, if we keep ticking these wins then they’ll crumble.

“It was a massive win for us. Even at 1-1, we all knew that we really needed to win this game because of what happened earlier, and I think we showed real character.

“To be honest, we were expecting them (City) to win. They’re playing at home and we expected them to win. We just needed to make sure we won our game and not let that gap increase any more.”

Smalling thinks that it will be between United, and City for the title, but has not yet written off Spurs.

“Even if we lost or Tottenham won, I think you wouldn’t have ruled either of us out. Everyone’s still there.

“Tottenham’s last 10 games probably puts them at the top if you were to look at them. So I think it’s still crucial and it’s going to go all the way down to the last few.

“The other teams will find it hard, especially Arsenal-Chelsea, to catch us. You’ve seen with Tottenham they managed to catch up but I think it might be down just to us three.”

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